What is right-brain training?


Currently, there are many enrichment centres leverage on is the ‘right-brain training’.

These centres are using flash cards, songs, blocks, stories and many more. These lessons are usually catered to toddlers and pre-school children. They are usually very fast paced. Many parents pay $500 to $600 for 12 lessons. Many of these centres are parent-accompanied. Here is a breakdown of their concept:

The activities usually fast paced as they try to engage the attention of the child. The attention span of the child is usually very quick and they tend not to focus on something for too long. Thus, many activities try to adopt that approach instead by being very fast paced.

Activities Conducted
Generally, the activities used are
– songs with actions
– memory
– mazes
– story books
– flashcards
– Sorting
– listening exercises
– physical activities
– physical block games
– some science activities
These lessons may alternate of English and Chinese lessons for some centres.

These activities are usually conducted for children in pre-school. The only exceptions are
– Memory
– Mazes
– Flashcards

Do the above activities work? Yes and No. These topics provide good fodder for future posts.

Parents Accompanied
These activities are usually parents-accompanied as they need their help to ensure that their child is engaged with the task. Thus, parents are actually there to ensure that their child stays engaged due to the extremely fast-paced activities as teachers do not want to waste time ensuring the discipline of the child. Parents will also be aware of the activities that take place in class. Thus, if there are any materials for the parent to take home to practice with their child, they would know what to do.