“On April 13 2016, Greenwood Primary School engaged the services of Litespeed to conduct a training session on how the iPad can be used to enhance Teaching and Learning in the classroom. It was an engaging two and a half hours as the teachers were introduced to the basic management of the iPad and the SAMR pedagogy to enhance their teaching in class.

Alyssa, the main trainer, patiently conducted the workshop and gave the teachers time and space to be able to explore and grasp the content provided for them. She confidently led the staff of Greenwood Primary School to take the first steps in enhancing their competency in the usage of the iPad for classroom teaching and learning!

The teachers were buzzing about the few days after on the interesting apps and after I sent them the other apps that can be used, they were even more excited.”

Mr Mervyn Choong, ICT SH, Greenwood Primary


“Alyssa was ever helpful and patient in her encouragement in her assistance to the participants. Her personality is a sure hit with both parents and students alike! The program was worth every cent!”

Lily Low, parent of Annabelle (11)


“Alyssa’s confidence was evident. She gives clear instructions and were lively in her interactions with participants. She also uses positive words.”

Summer Yeo, Workshop Participant


“Alyssa is very¬†detailed and was able to explain her concept clearly. Her strength lies in showing the big picture – the synergy between the techniques.”

Phyllis Gee, Workshop participant


“Great story to start off the presentation. It was very fund and she’s natural at delivering! Love her gestures and crystal clear explanation. Well done!”

Flora Chan , Workshop Participant