by Khairy Farhan

Download this dictionary app on your smart devices for your children to study!

You can download it to be available offline so that you can still prevent your child internet access to YouTube etc.

This is the 21st century! If your child is still flipping through a thick dictionary, then trust me when I say this: you seriously limiting your child’s opportunities to learn.

Personally, I think that students who cannot be disciplined to differentiate time for study and time to play are probably the cause of parents who are not sure how to enforce it upon their children. But who’s responsibility is it then?

It’s extremely crucial that parents cultivate the value of self-control within their children because there have been concrete research showing that if children are able to delay gratification, they are more likely to be successful later in life.

Invest in your children’s future, by cultivating values of self-control, delayed gratification and allowing your children access to 21st learning tools and resources. You may not have self-control too, so why not make the learning a collaborative project in the family.

Here’s Dr Walter Mischel, whose research was focused on self-control and delayed gratification, the most famous one known as the Marshmallow Experiment:

Here’s a TEDx Talk on the Marshmallow Test by Silvia Barcellos:

Here’s a repeat of the Marshmallow Test:

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 1.00.21 PM