Magic Maths Model

Magic Maths Model

by Kai

magic maths modelUnchanged difference concept hidden under seemingly complicated changes. The hint is in the “half”.


Magic Maths Model

Magic Maths Model

by Kai

magic maths model

Unchanged difference concept hidden under seemingly complicated changes. The hint is in the “half”.



How To Study: English Grammar in its Parts

How To Study: English Grammar in its Parts

by Khairy Farhan



Did you know that Grammar marks for PSLE Paper 2 make up to 40% of the total marks of 95?

Here’s the tabulation:

1. Grammar MCQ – 10 marks
2. Grammar Cloze – 10 marks
3. Editing and Spelling – 5 out of 10 (approximately 50%, other 50% is spelling)
4. Comprehension Cloze – 5 out of 15 (30%, other 70% are vocabulary and comprehension)
5. Synthesis and Transformation – 10 marks

Total 40 marks out of 95 = 42%

Tips for Studying Grammar:

– The key idea is the ability to explain the grammar structure!

– When doing practice papers and assessment books, make sure the answer key is available.

– By having the answers, the idea is not the ability to know the answer but the ability to explain why the answer fits the question.

– Tutors, teachers and parents will need to find explanations that make sense for students, and this may require knowledge of Parts of Speech (Word Types) and understanding relationships between the Word Types.

– Students need to then do one or both of these to strengthen their grammar knowledge:

* a) Create similar questions – this will make sure you know what are the conditions/clues that need to be present for the answer to be correct.

* b) Write daily journals or blog entries or use the grammar structures in writing to enable real life application and experiential learning

Advanced Response to Critics

While I know many English tutors would disagree with my prescribed methods because many tutors would even promote the idea of practising over and over again (which is practically and even has a close resemblance to rote-learning), this method actually promotes many types of learning in students:

1) Inquiry-based learning that encourages curiosity and learning complexity through its simpler parts
2) Creates rationale and importance to learn fundamentals of language, realisation that different languages have different grammar systems
3) Encourages a Growth Mindset – Focusing on a students’ effort to figure out the relationship between words and actively seeking help from A Knowledgeable Other (AKO)
4) Promotes deeper learning through analysis of sentences and consecutively understanding of semantics


Age Old Advice Still Applies: Read! 

The old advice for students to read often and widely becomes far more important when you approach reading as an exposure to an innate and natural ability to recognise general and exception rules to English grammar.

Have you already been doing this? Share what you have done and other ideas that you may have! :)



Sample PSLE Essays

Sample PSLE Essays

by Jerry Lee



Here are a collection of essays sent to me by students from our tuition centre or from my online essay writing course.  I have looked through them, gave them marks and added in comments for further improvements.  Do take a look at the essays to see what a model compo is supposed to be like and learn from the mistakes made as well.

Feel free to send me your essays or compositions.  If the essay is good, I will feature it in this blog post as a sample essay or a model essay for other students in Singapore to take a look.  All sample essays sent to me will be evaluated and marked.  I will also give comments on how to improve your composition writing.


Click on essay title to view the essay.


A Dilemma

Written by Kylia Chong, P5 28.10.15



Written by Mathi Malar, P4 28.10.15


A Kind Deed

Written by Anwen Wong, P5 28.9.15


Safety First

Written by Derrick Png, P6 6.9.15


The Bicycle Lane

Written by Jeric Wong, P6 6.9.15


A Dilemma

Written by Baptist Lim, P6. 12.7.15


A Dilemma

Written by Naomi Tan, P6. 12.7.15


An Incident at Sea

Written by Mathi Malar, P4. 10.7.15



Written by P6.  10.7.15

Pictures Given: A variety of fried food, a toilet signage & a digestive aid juice.


An Incident on a Train

Written by Kevin, P6.  29.6.15


A Person In Need of Help 

Written by Clar, P6. 24.6.15

Pictures Given: A Drowning Boy, An Open Umbrella and A Fire Extinguisher