What study techniques work? This is an old-age question that most students have been asking themselves for thousands of years to study and advance to the next level.

Professor John Dunlosky of Kent State University and a team of psychological scientists reviewed the scientific evidence for 10 learning techniques commonly used by students and evaluated more than 700 studies covering students of all ages and found some techniques that do not work as well as others. These common techniques range from highlighting to drill practice.  Once the article was posted, most organisations were quick to pick it up and repost these articles.

Yet I believe that the article may be incorrect. 

No one should use stand-alone study techniques and hope for the best. One should always complement 2 study-techniques to synergise the effects of studying.

I will be sharing how these study techniques can help to increase your comprehension of the material when complemented together.

For the first post, we will start with highlighting.

Smartify Highlighting.001