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Our Services

Please check out the list of services that we offer.

consultation for educational institutes

Planning to move your school towards a vision of incorporating ICT within your classroom walls? From visioning exercises to roadmaps and lesson observations, we work with you to customise learning for your school’s needs. This can also include Critical Thinking, designing effective blended learning and evaluation of apps. 


consultation for companies

Is your company planning to enter the online or blended indutrial learning for yourorganisation or training and development arena? We provide consultation services to those who are interested in designing their own materials that are simple and effective for e-learning. 


Smartifying the 5c way

Are you a parent who is furstrated with your child’s learning attitude? Stress seems to be increase whenever you come home after a long day and you watch your child displaying a nonchalent attitude towards school? We believe in smartifying through our 5Cs (Challenge, Collaborate, Critical, Create and Co-construct)  to get them going.


Workshops and other services

We conduct ad-hoc workshops from time to time such as:

  • Smartifying for Primary 1 (parents)
  • Study Skills Smartification (parent + child)


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