A very passionate educator shared this on her FB post recently (reprinted with permission):

I will NEVER forget the Secondary 1 class I trained a while back.

I absolutely love doing polls in my class. They are informal but they are a very quick way of getting views and vibes.

I was gauging the number of enrichment/tuition classes they took when they were in Primary School. I asked them how they felt about it all.

One girl looked me directly in the eyes and said,


I was taken aback. Wasn’t it a bit extreme?

I asked the class to see if ANY of the others felt that way.

37 out of 40 students AGREED with the statement.

If this is how the majority of them feel, are we as a society listening?

I did a poll of an RGS class recently too.

Most of the them had cut down the number of tuition classes to around 2 main subjects.

Interestingly, practically all of them had gone to a Premier and “very expensive” ($96/2hrs) Group Tuition Centre that promises A+ to existing A students. An x-teacher shared with me about the screening process. They had a long waiting list but in reality, took in already high-scoring students.

Many no longer went.

The average amount of money spent was S$200-400/month except for 1 student whose parents spent S$12k a month on Electone, Piano & tuition classes.

One girl whom everybody in the RGS class was impressed by actually had zero tuition, worked fridays and the weekends as a cashier. She saved a significant portion of her earned money, bought groceries for the family and cooked for the household 5 times a week. Why? As her mum apparently couldn’t cook as well. She had learnt how to cook from her grandma since she was 3 years of age. She’s well-balanced, confident and obviously has incredible time-management.

As all passionate educators, we often exchange stories of what children and teens really need to survive in life. More often than not, we wonder when tuition is necessary and when it causes more harm instead. Reading this post prompted me to pen down and do a little scouting round the net of tuition and its importance.

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