by Jerry Lee



Here are a collection of essays sent to me by students from our tuition centre or from my online essay writing course.  I have looked through them, gave them marks and added in comments for further improvements.  Do take a look at the essays to see what a model compo is supposed to be like and learn from the mistakes made as well.

Feel free to send me your essays or compositions.  If the essay is good, I will feature it in this blog post as a sample essay or a model essay for other students in Singapore to take a look.  All sample essays sent to me will be evaluated and marked.  I will also give comments on how to improve your composition writing.


Click on essay title to view the essay.


A Dilemma

Written by Kylia Chong, P5 28.10.15



Written by Mathi Malar, P4 28.10.15


A Kind Deed

Written by Anwen Wong, P5 28.9.15


Safety First

Written by Derrick Png, P6 6.9.15


The Bicycle Lane

Written by Jeric Wong, P6 6.9.15


A Dilemma

Written by Baptist Lim, P6. 12.7.15


A Dilemma

Written by Naomi Tan, P6. 12.7.15


An Incident at Sea

Written by Mathi Malar, P4. 10.7.15



Written by P6.  10.7.15

Pictures Given: A variety of fried food, a toilet signage & a digestive aid juice.


An Incident on a Train

Written by Kevin, P6.  29.6.15


A Person In Need of Help 

Written by Clar, P6. 24.6.15

Pictures Given: A Drowning Boy, An Open Umbrella and A Fire Extinguisher