by Shen Li Lee


In Heguru right brain classes, the children are given many activities to do which help to develop the right brain. One of the activities they are required to do is tangrams. Just in case you have never se
en a tangram, it is basically a square puzzle that looks like this:

With a little creativity, you can use the pieces to create pictures like the ones you see below (image from Yes China Tour):

In Heguru, the children are usually given the outline like the ones shown above and asked to place the pieces in their correct places. For a more challenging activity, try working out where the pieces fit with just a shadow outline.

To do this with your child at home, you can make your own tangrambuy one from Amazon, or you can play tangrams online at Duckberry. The latter is a little more challenging for young children but you can make it an activity that you work on together.

And while we’re on the topic, there are lots of other cool brain twisters on Duckberry. Here are some of the ones I like: