Parents Smartify with Technology

Do you fear that your child will be over-reliant on the iPads and be hooked or addicted?

Are you afraid that your child will, one day, be hoodwinked by some stranger on the internet?

Do you believe that mobile technology can be used for better purposes for your kids but you just don’t know how??

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • learn how to defend your child online so that any possible negative influences have to go through you
  • how to evaluate appropriate educational apps so that you will not download unnecessary ones and save more money


Smartifying Creations with iPad

Do you find your students trudging to class wearily each day?

Their eyes are more often on the floor than on your lessons?

Do you think education should be about students designing, constructing, producing, devising, and making?

In this workshop, you will:

  • learn how to create instructional projects with the iPad and no-cost iPad apps so that your students have no excuse to claim that they are bored! 
  • come away with tons of ideas for formative and summative assessments so that your students can now proudly tell you “See! I understand!”. 
  • feel comfortable using iPad apps to create projects to support your teaching practice so your school leaders know that you are a visionary tech teacher in the making
  • work with others to move the department forward by sharing resources so that you can now have more time for your personal life

Smartify Study Skills Workshop (No Technology Included)

Do you find your children have mastered the art of blocking out sounds every time you start nagging about their studies?

Do your children become lawyers whenever they express why they will do so much better only in one subject but not the other?

Do your children fail to memorise simple instructions in school and hee but somehow can practice the latest dance or video games moves?

In this workshop, your child and you will:

  • learn the secret memory technique so that your child can learn even more things in a much shorter time than before!
  • think how to set exam questions like a teacher so that your child can predict and even answer questions before they appear!
  • understand why they have to attend school so that they will stop complaining that they are forced to!