Have you ever heard of the multimodal learning style?  Gifted children tend to use this learning style to their advantage naturally. It is a style where one utilises 2 or more ways of learning rather than a dominant one.

How can we let our child or student use this style to their advantage? It is up to the teacher’s or parent’s discretion to equip our child the knowledge of various learning styles as well as making that learning environment conducive enough so that students or children with varying learning styles will be able to learn in the same classroom.

Ways of Incorporating the Multimodal Learning Style in the Classroom

Cooperative / Collaborative Learning

When children work on a project together, this is where they can utilise different strengths to work together. For example, the auditory learners would love to learn through discussions and debates about the matter while the kinesthetic ones would like to work on the presentation. The visual ones may be more confident in handling the information. How about the multimodal learning styles? They are flexible enough to switch between the various roles and strengths when necessary. Whatever their learning style is, with good instructor management, students or children can learn to succeed together if they fully utilise their strengths and they will be learning the same information at the same time.

Digital Learning

Are you aware that research has shown, regardless of the learning style, all of them benefit from learning the moment technology is involved? Using a combination of audiobooks/ podcasts, videos and tool creation such as powerpoint and ebook for a thematic project or as a follow-up lesson will immediately appeal to the all learning styles. This will also help to transfer the short-term knowledge to the long term one as they will be rehearsing systematically.

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