by Zhou’s Academic Studio

Writing a good composition takes time to master. The shortcut is to memorise good phrases, some “extreme” case memorise the whole essay.

But are these effective ways?

Yes for the first one but not the latter one.

1. Active learning in composition writing is much more effective. Students should be learning the techniques to compose an essay. Training is needed to make students identify which writing techniques should be applied for a particular essays. Our teachers integrate great pedagogy to inspire the students to think and analyse the pictures or situation. The thinking process will leave a longer impressions in one’s memories so that students will follow the similar path of thinking whilst come across with any other essays.

Memorising essays will only limit the students’ imagination as well as learning horizon to expand their writing ability.

2. Copying essays during lesson is not encouraged at all! But students are asked to copy certain good phrases and memorise them. Certain good phrases suit certain level of students and students are capable to use these phrases in their composition writing frequently.

3. Furthermore, our students especially those in P1 to P3, may not know how to complete an essay independently due to limited vocabularies and phrases as well as techniques. We will inspire them through our pedagogy to expand their storylines freely but logically. Later, teachers will make necessary corrections or adjustments.

4. After equip with basket full of vocabularies, now, is time to putting more expressive elements inside the compo and write the details. We want the essay to fill with lively and colourful content, not only all the bombastic good phrases. The connection between the lines, the logic behind the story and the flow of the entire story are important too.

We don’t spoon feed the students, make them think and analyse and brain storm! They don’t have to be gifted to write a good compo, we should make them fall in love with this beautiful language and embrace it.

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