First and foremost, we should always look at the teachers. While it is true that distance and cost may come into play, parents must always remember that the teachers matter the most – not the cost, curriculum and facilities. These factors come in later.

Whether it is full-day or half-day childcare, most parents seem to forget that after them, their children are spending most of their time in childcare. Thus, they will pick up habits and mannerisms they observe from every adult and child. The thinking skills incorporated into the lesson plans by the teachers can help your child to grow and be ready for theĀ future. The teacher should develop the socio-emotional competency in your child as well by watching and observing your child’s behaviour to provide timely feedback.

What qualities should we look out for in teachers?

Always ensure that you come by when a class is IN progress. You must never visit on a weekend. Please do so only if you want to view their facilities. Only in action will you be able to view the passion in their eyes and how they handle the children.

Next, it is important to view how the teacher handles little issues that occur in big classes. What kind of questions do they ask in order to supercharge the child’s thinking? What is their body language? What is the expression on their faces? Are they slouching or moving around energetically? These little body movements actually tell a much greater story.