When bullying occurs in school, the victim does not feel safe and happy. This fear can cause the victim to skip school or play truant to avoid the bully.

When I conducted the latest parent-bonding session recently, a primary 5 student scribbled her thoughts furiously on a sheet of paper while sobbing. Before this session, the child has been loud and outspoken while showing slight disrespect to her peers and facilitators. The mom was a very soft-spoken lady who obviously loved her child very much.

Yet, it was soon discovered that the child was keeping many things within herself. She wrote that she thought of attempting suicide and to be with the ‘angels in heaven’. When probed later, it was discovered that she was bullied badly in school. Although she did not skip school, she was extremely frustrated with the way things were going. The biggest issue was that most parents and teachers tend to take action only when the child starts to skip school frequently. However, as statistics show – most victims actually continued as if it was part of their daily lives.

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