by Gabriel Suppiah

Ok. We all know that we cannot run away from formative assessments and it is also driving you parents crazy in getting them ready for these tests and exams. We have already introduced flip learning to you and for those who are not familiar with this, I suggest that you read an article on it. Flip learning does not apply just to schools, but also to how a child can study at home. What is the situation now?

  1. Student goes to school and learns
  2. Takes exams and achieves some result
  3. Parents get tuition for extra help
  4. Parents purchase assessment books for additional help
  5. Parents choose some alternative programs to add on the help
  6. Help is given to the point where it becomes hindrance and we hope we learn this sooner than later
  7. This vicious cycle continues and we all think this is learning

Alright, this article is not about changing the way learning happens but changing the approach to learning. I think this will be a good start. You can practice this during the school holidays and let us know your feedback.

  1. Read the infographic and follow along
  2. Give them the test first!
  3. Let them go through the tests and answer in the ways suggested
  4. For the questions that puzzle them, challenge them to find the answers using new technology AKA internet or old technology AKA books.
  5. Evaluate the difference


This is not Rocket Science folks. Instead of giving the assessments after reading the contents, you are giving it beforehand. This is the only thing you are changing.

Do this for all the assessments and you will see a change in the way your child learns.

  1. Students show more curiosity and interest
  2. They are committed to finishing the exam on time.
  3. They feel that their answers are respected.
  4. Grades go up!

Real easy parents! All you have to do is practice is this. Till the next article on better learning, this is Gabriel Suppiah AKA The Dean signing off.

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