app review
Name of App: PSLE Science

Levels: Primary 3 to 6

Cost: Free (Add-in purchases)

Type: Drill and Practice

IMG_0798This app was last updated 27 April 2016 so it is pretty new. This app is interesting that it serves a wide variety of topics in a drill and practices mode. It provides badges as an incentive for certain accurate scores.

So far the design is pretty neat and simple. The colours do not clash and are easy on the eye. However, my main grouse is that the fonts can be a bit way too small and there is a lot of empty space that is not effectively utilised by the developer. The questions are MCQs IMG_0793with 2 options. There is a little butterfly at the side which flutters its wings overtime you select the correct answer. An explanation shows up after each question to explain the answer before.

The topics offered here are many. Most topics can be accessed and they are not categorised by level. Some topics are locked and you need to pay a small sum of $0.99 for each topic or #5.99 to access all of them. It has a ‘Quick Tip’ section which is really a extremely summarised version of notes. In fact, it can be too brief that it may not provide not provide much information to the student.


This app serves more like an extremely quick revision aid before an examination. While it provides basic revision notes, it does not have open-ended questions which may be the bane of many students.

If you want to purchase it, you can click here.