Are you a little tough with your adolescent daughter? Do you feel guilty about being a pushy mom? May be it is time not to feel guilty about it, at least that is what science says.

As per a study conducted by the University of Essex in UK, teenage girls with nagging moms are more likely to be successful in life compared to those with less nagging moms.

The research team studied the lives of 15,500 girls between the ages 13 and 14 years for six years, from 2004 to 2010. As per the study, high expectations set by mothers tend to increase the standards the teenagers set for themselves. In fact, the study lists five benefits to the teenager with a pushy mom.

  1. Lesser chance of teenage motherhood. The chance of teenage pregnancy decreases by four per cent.
  2. Higher chances of going to university.
  3. Higher chances of getting a job and remain well paid.
  4. Higher chances of partnering with successful men.
  5. Higher chances of getting involved in activities outside their comfort zones.

Now, do you know what to tell your teenage daughter when she complains you are being too pushy?