Hi, may I know what is your definition of gifted child? How do you identify a gifted child?

A  truly gifted child is someone who is able to learn things on their own without any help. They would usually be in the top 0.1% of the population. This child should score very well on the Mensa IQ test and should NOT have explicit help or help in any way when they encounter and learn something. To me, if a child needs help in certain areas but is more advanced than the rest – I will say that he/ she is more advanced in cognitive learning/of higher ability/ bright . I won’t use the word ‘gifted’ as it is used too carelessly by enrichment centres here and many parents.

A gifted/ child of a higher ability should be able to:

– pursue something independently WITHOUT any guidance
– is able to search for patterns and relationships between ideas/ subjects
– is able to grasp concept and re-explain them in simpler terms
– love words and is able to express oneself very well
– is able to concentrate on something for a very long time
– has a very good memory (NOT photographic memory)
– able to feel and empathise with others since young
– has a very strong sense of justice
– dislike vagueness
– loves precision and will correct others
– knows that he/she is smart

The IQ of the child stems very much from many factors. For example, it is found that demographics and environment play very large roles in determining the child’s cognitive abilities. If a child has to enter enrichment centre to be in gifted programs or to increase his/ her chances of entering gifted programs, there is something quite unusual with this whole ‘gifted’ idea.