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at smartification, we are parents first and educators second

Why we do it

3 reasons that drive us to do what we do

Reason one

Learning takes place dynamically and across many spheres simultaneously. Learning cannot be in isolation as brain neurons won’t be firing. We believe exponential learning takes place in a blend of technology, arts, play and thinking.

Reason two

Stress is everywhere. We cannot deny that being in a successful education system can be pretty stressful. Yet, our kids and parents need to keep going when times can be tough…as a family.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

Out there, there are many educational theories that have been rewritten, reworded and rephrase but yet, stay the same. We don’t believe in complicating education. We believe that  positive understanding and encouragement from the school and family provides the biggest driver of motivation for the child. 



We reach out to teachers, parents and anyone who is in the education industry who likes to connect.

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What others say

Don’t Just hear from us. Listen to what others have to say.

Alyssa was ever helpful and patient in her encouragement in her assistance to the participants. She is also very detailed and was able to explain her concept clearly. Her strength lies in showing the big picture – the synergy between the techniques. Her personality is a sure hit with both parents and students alike! The program was worth every cent!.”

Ms Michelle Ong

Parent of Elysia Wu (11)

Alyssa patiently conducted the workshop and gave the teachers time and space to be able to explore and grasp the content provided for them. She confidently led the staff of Greenwood Primary School to take the first steps in enhancing their competency in the usage of the iPad for classroom teaching and learning! ”

Mr Mervyn Choong

Subject Head, Greenwood Primary


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